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AstroExperience - Pisco Elqui, Chile
From USD
$39.05 Star Rating

About This Tour

Duration: 2 hours
Location: Pisco Elqui, Chile
Product Code: 107934P1

Activity Details

Astronomical observation experience at a natural place up in the mountain where you will sit in reclining chairs around a campfire with a pisco cocktail while listening to an explanatory talk from a specialized astronomical guide about the southern sky. After gazing thousands of stars with the naked eye you have the opportunity to observe the stars and planets with our professional telescope of 20 inches. The tour ends after two hours with taking a nocturnal photography as a souvenir.

  • Nightsky observation up in the mountains of Pisco Elqui
  • Learn more about the southern celestial objects
  • Enjoy a delicious Pisco Cocktail around a campfire
  • Observe the stars, planets & galaxies through the telescope
  • Complimentary pickup and drop off from the head office in Pisco Elqui

Astro Experience is a new service in the field of Astro-tourism: We carry out a professionally guided 2 hour observation of the valley´s starry night sky up in the mountains surrounding the village of Pisco Elqui.

The program combines a talk from an astronomical guide about the celestial objects (e.g.: planets, open and globular star clusters, other galaxies etc.) following with an observation through a professional 20” telescope. The tour is an open-air setting, accompanied by a campfire and our delicious home-made Pisco cocktail. The tour will end with a nocturnal photo as a souvenir of this night.


There are three options to reach the point of observation from Pisco Elqui.

Astroexperience by car: A 10 minute drive in a van from Pisco Elqui to reach the place up in the mountains. 

Astroexperience by horse: One hour going uphill by horseback riding, then you will join the group for the Astroexperience. Return by car.

Astroexperience by foot: One hour uphill walk in order to reach the place, where you will join the group for the Astroexperience. Return by car.

Type of Activity

Cultural & Theme Tours > Cultural Tours >

Type of Booking

Confirmation from supplier in 12-48 hours of booking.

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